Charlotte & Declan’s Wedding – Bordeaux 19th of June 2021

Charlotte and Declan have selected Greens & Grapes, a destination travel agency based Bordeaux, to assist you with your accommodation, your transport and any holiday reservations before or after the wedding.

Choose your hotel

We’ve selected 2 hotels in the centre of Bordeaux which can accommodate a large number of guests. Group bookings are entirely managed by Greens&Grapes. Please take a look at the hotel presentations and complete the online pre-reservation form before 30th of August 2020.

Situated in the pedestrian shopping area and night area (English pub nearby), this our favourite hotel for small groups like wedding parties.
 € 96.50/night/person based on a double occupancy
 € 179.00/night/person based on a single occupancy
 € 69.00/night/person based on a triple (a double bed and a single bed) – 2 available.

This family hotel is set in a beautiful 18th century Bordeaux building.
 € 155.50/night/person based on a double occupancy – Superior Room
 € 225.00/night/person based on a single occupancy – Superior Room
 € 87.00/night/person based on a quadruple occupancy ( 2double bed) – Superior Room (3 available)

Holiday rentals

If you fancy another type of accommodation such as an apartment rental in the city, or a villa in the countryside, Greens & Grapes is happy to assist you find the property just for you. There is a ‘search fee’ of €100/rental for 1 to 4 people, and €150/rental for 5 people. We’ll help you with options and guide you until your booking with the property owner is complete.


Charlotte and Declan will arrange a coach transfer from Bordeaux to Château Gassies, the wedding venue. In addition, Greens & Grapes can arrange a transfer service from the airport/train station to your accommodation. Please complete the online pre-reservation form to let us know if you’re interested in this service.

Holiday extensions

Fancy a holiday in the area before or after Charlotte and Declan’s wedding? At Greens & Grapes we specialise in tailor-made holiday breaks from Bordeaux to La Rioja in NorthWest Spain. Take a look at our video and interactive map for ideas. Just complete the online pre-reservation form with your plans and we’ll come back to you with a proposal.

Bordeaux festivities

Charlotte and Declan’s wedding is taking place during the Bordeaux Wine Festival. This is a major event held every 2 years gathering over 600,000 people along the river with wine-tasting from many local producers. Festivities include the arrival of tall ships in Bordeaux, food tasting, music and great fireworks. Take a look at the website. Bordeaux Wine Festival

Your local travel agency

We’re a Franco-Irish couple based in Bordeaux. Our travel company provides tailor-made packages for groups and individuals from Bordeaux to Northern Spain. We cover all aspects of your travel, including many activities. In fact, golf is our speciality.

Sylvie and Lucius

Click on the icon to pre-reserve any of the services outlined above. Please respond by 30th of August 2020.
Thank you!