Our climate : perfect and mild

One of the best reasons to visit France is the weather. Long summer nights and pleasant springs and autumns make it possible to dine al fresco – soak up the atmosphere at a terrace restaurant, stop for a coffee in an 18th century square, or choose a cheeky dessert and sweet white wine for a night cap in your hotel bar.


And, then, of course, there’s the golf. You can play golf in France pretty much year-round, with the season lasting longer the further south you go. We play locally from the end of February through until early November, depending on the year. Even on cold days it’s possible to get in a game in after the sun has warmed the frost.

Bordeaux benefits from the breeze off the Atlantic, which can help moderate temperatures and make for a pleasant day on the course. The sea breeze is particularly pleasant on coastal courses, especially further south you go towards Biarritz.

The average maximum temperate in the Bordeaux area is 27°C in July and August, though it can move into the mid- to late-30s during hot spells. Generally, though, you can expect warm summer days and pleasant evenings.

Thermometers start to drop in October and November, but, even so, it’s not uncommon to enjoy temperatures as high as 20°C in autumn. Even in winter it can reach 10°C or 12°C before falling sharply at night.

Across the border in northern Spain it’s the same story, making south-west France and the Basque Country the ideal golfing destination.


Our top tips

  • You can play throughout the day and not end up with sunstroke, but we still advise taking precautions with hats and sunscreen.
  • Book early tee times in July and August to beat the heat on hot days, and take water with you.
  • To maximise your enjoyment, we’d recommend using a golf cart on many courses, especially in summer. Carts are relatively affordable in France and can make longer fairways easier to navigating so you can conserve your energy for your game. At Greens & Grapes we can book your tee times, and advise which courses are best suited to carts.


Credit photos: Peter Ellegard and Accor Hotels

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