Our top 4 films on golf, wine, gastronomy and tourism from Bordeaux to La Rioja.

In these uncertain times of “lockdown” many of us are using this downtime to train, connect with friends, cook, and watch a good film. We wanted to share our selection of the best movies that best depict Greens & Grapes, our passions and our region:


Seve, the movie

This is a great film come documentary on the iconic and charismatic Seve Ballesteros from Pedreña near Santander (NorthWest Spain). The movie illustrates well his origins, his passion for the game, and determination to become a champion and one of the best players in history. It makes for a pleasant film to watch and you get to see the beautiful sceneries from the region. And as you know, this is the homeland of Sylvie’s mother.


You will be my son

This intense French film takes place at a prestigious wine estate near Saint-Emilion. The story is about the passionate and demanding owner of the château who struggles to trust his son to take over the wine estate. What we particularly love about the film are the beautiful pictures of the Saint-Emilion wine country and how we get an insight into the wine-making process and traditions of a prestigious château in our region.

Rick Stein’s Long Weekend in Bordeaux

This series from 2016 started with the first episode in Bordeaux. Rick explores the perfect dishes that symbolise the Bordeaux local gastronomy, many of them made with local produce from the land and the sea. He also has time to visit the most famous places in and around Bordeaux, now considered one of the best foodie places in France.


Little white lies

This French film is a true window onto the beautiful Arcachon bay and nearby Atlantic shores, just one hour from Bordeaux. Also worth watching for a good story about a group of middle-aged friends who get together on holidays despite a shattering event. Marion Cotillard and Jean Du Jardin, both Oscar winners, are the leading actors in this famous French film.


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