How the Irish left their mark on Bordeaux

The Bordeaux area is scattered with Irish history, from the vines of the river valley to the streets of the old town itself.
By Lucius McPhilemy, the Irish half of the Greens & Grapes team. Lucius was born in Northern Ireland but now lives in Bordeaux.

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Greens & Grapes gets stamp of approval…..

Greens & Grapes gets stamp of approval......... Created in 2009, the label « Vignobles & Découvertes » is awarded to those who offer quality products on the theme of wine. It  recognises the committment and contribution made by the businesses in the wine tourism...

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Michelin starred restaurants in Bordeaux and south-west France

There are some wonderful places to eat in southwest France. We’ve narrowed down your options by highlighting all the Michelin-star restaurants within reach of the golf courses we play around Bordeaux and Biarritz. Ask us to reserve you a table at any of these during your visit to south-west France.

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Excuses to visit Bordeaux this year

As if a glorious golf course, wonderful food and world-famous wine wasn’t enough, here are some of the great festivals and events taking place in Bordeaux and across south-west France in the coming months. We can tailor a package of golf, wine and gastronomy to tie in with any of them – just say the word.

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The best Bordeaux wine experiences

Where to go, what to taste … Fear not! Here are some of the best Bordeaux wine-tasting experiences. We have about how to make the most of visiting our famous wine-producing chateaux here in Bordeaux. So now it’s time to put all that knowledge to good use. Enjoy! Top...

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The best of Biarritz – sun, sand and golf

Biarritz – home to the second oldest golf course in Europe – is a wonderful base for a golfing holiday. It offers a pleasant, relaxed seaside feel, combined with a sophistication worthy of south-west France’s premier holiday resort.

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New golf & wine guide on Bordeaux and beyond

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